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With three years of extensive organizational experience, Super Adventure Media is an auto advertising agency specializing in developing targeted media programmes for our customers. We assist businesses from many sectors in addressing client demands via media, including outdoor print media. With the help of our loyal specialists, who have helped us with our auto rickshaw branding throughout the years, we have grown. We are honoured to introduce ourselves as the first transit concessionaires in India, operating globally as a pioneer in auto branding.

We manage significant Transit Media Campaigns using the most recent & cutting-edge techniques: customer-focused, idea-centric, and result-driven. We have great relationships with our clients and responsibly run their adverts. Customers may communicate with the general public through these mediums. This amazing promotional media offer for auto branding is reasonably priced to best fit our clients' media plans.

Our Services

We are always putting our best to keep our promises. We are always committed to giving customers the best results for a long-term healthy relationship. Our Innovative Ideas are implemented in the following:

  • Media Planning for your Business promotion
  • Marketing Support in various mediums

Outdoor Media

  • The rights to advertising on Auto rickshaws in Delhi NCR & Pan India Basis.
  • Cab Branding across Metro cities in India.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the sole vendor for Auto branding. We have experience executing campaigns on more than 50000 autos across Delhi. We maintain excellent rapport with Drivers, and they responsibly carry our advertisements.

Reference the discussion for this innovative outdoor media, please find below the financial proposal with the best possible rates to suit the advertising budget and target audience in various cities across India.


  • The most efficient and cost-effective outdoor advertising is done on auto-rickshaws.
  • It effectively reaches those who are on the road who are 8 to 80 years old.
  • Auto often remains in a prominent area while looking for consumers, ensuring brand presence.
  • The finest aspect of traffic is that it all works together to create a captive audience, particularly at traffic lights when people need something to read as they wait for the red light to turn green.
  • These cars travel at least 200 kilometres (20 hours) every day.
  • Our network includes a fleet of more than 5000 brand-new cars to provide campaigns without fuss.
  • For the price of one Delhi hoarding site, we could brand 100 cars and drive them for 5 lac kilometres across Delhi.

Our Coverage Strength

We can cover the entire state of India. Besides, till now, we have done the campaign for our clients in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Entire UP & Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Chandigarh.

Essential Facts & Conditions:

  • Artwork: Final creative to be provided by the client in Corel or any editable format in shape and size mentioned in our proposal. However, we can arrange assistance in adaptation on buses. In case the client wants to change the creative, the production cost has to bear by the client.
  • Installation: Minimum 7 days processing time required to execute Purchase / Work order.
  • Base Location: Every Bus runs on a particular route and time. Based on such base location, zone-wise distribution may be possible, subject to availability and vacancy.
  • Photographs: Photos are provided at the beginning of the order execution and then at the end of the campaign.
  • Vehicle information: At the beginning of the campaign, we provide our customers with the Bus registration numbers, Route of Buses.
  • Damage: In case of any damage to the advertisement, replacement or repair is done usually within 48 hours

We assure the customers of the best of our attention & services always. Looking forward to working with the esteemed organization of our customers for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

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